This is what Ted Ligety had to say about the video of his Alaska crash, and obviously it describes what you see in the video better than I can:

“I had already skied this line a couple times with no problems and the light had gotten too bad to film so I took one last run for fun with my GoPro on. I hit a piece of hard snow or rock while my sluff took out my tails simultaneously. Luckily I was just able to get onto my feet but not in balance before the cliff. 2nd big fall of the trip, first one I lost my other GoPro so no footage.” – Ted Ligety YouTube description

We’ve all been there, the one last run that goes wrong. That’s why we ski 2 more and skip the last. It’s a good sized cliff that Ligety half falls off/half sends from the looks of the footage. It’s also a good thing he wasn’t any farther left and he had some speed off the cliff. I think his own title is a bit misleading though, and I would call this a recovery rather than a fall. Great sunset behind him though.

Check out the screen shot below. Recovery or fall?

Recovery or fall?

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