Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Connery Lundin

Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Connery Lundin


Freeride World Qualifier Profile | Connery Lundin


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Connery Lundin has been sending it pretty hard in the Freeride World Qualifier events for the past few seasons. Last weekend he was able to ski and backflip his way into 7th place at the always gnarly Crested Butte Extremes comp. His race skills combined with freeride tricks makes him a fun guy to watch and a real contender for moving up the the Freeride World Tour. He also smiles a lot, which is always nice to see.

Where did you grow up skiing? Squaw Valley, USA

Where is your home hill now? Squaw Valley USA

What is your favorite thing about your home hill? Enchanted Forrest off KT-22, it’s the perfect big mountain jib garden crawling with gnomes!

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When was your first Freeskiing competition? 2010 at Telluride (the last year they had it at Telluride)

How did it go? Out of the blue I ended up 3rd place! After recently quitting racing and skiing for the most part, that 3rd place result plus Jim Jack’s encouragement got me hooked quickly.

What is your favorite part of the FWQ? What keeps you coming back? The FWT/FWQ family is easily the best part of competing on the tour, seeing a crew of people that are as nutty (if not nuttier) than you is fun to be around!

What have you been working on improving for this season? More so than ever, this season I have been conscious of bringing it back to the fundamentals.. hands forward, linking turns and staying in the front seat. I am always trying to push for tricks in comp runs as well because they spice it up!

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What do you do to train for the FWQ? In the off-season I like to bounce on my trampoline, do yoga and use the spin bike. During the season I think it’s important to get out there and ski, quality over quantity, and always be conscious of something you are trying to improve in your skiing.

Do you have a favorite event on the FWQ? Revelstoke.. hands down

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Who is your favorite rider? Who influenced you most? Tony Seibert has had a huge influence on my skiing.

If you could go skiing with anyone, who would it be? Tony Seibert

Sponsor shout outs? Tecnica! Blizzard! Strafe! Smith! Swany!

Any other shout outs? Mom and Papa, my family and everyone out there having fun!

Motto if you had to say one? Spread hummus, not hate

Anything else unique about you, your skiing story, and how you go to where you are now? I ski raced super competitively until I was 19 years old and decided to drop skiing completely. After a year of reconsideration, I decided to enter the Telluride FWT and ended up 3rd. The rest is history, and were it not for Jim Jack and Tony Seibert, I would have never pursued skiing again as I am now!

thanks brotha!!!!


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