Russia Releases Official "Snowboard" Currency

Russia Releases Official "Snowboard" Currency


Russia Releases Official "Snowboard" Currency



Russia has released a limited number of 100 ruble banknotes as part of the hype leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics. The limited released note features a snowboarder on one side and the Olympic Stadium “Fischt” on the other. If you fancy this unique currency you can pick one up on eBay for $17, but keep in mind that 100 russian rubles is only worth about $3.

[via yobeat]

eBay – Unique 100 rubles 2014 – the first commemorative russian banknote!

Very limited issue – only 10 millions!
Obverse: snowboarder and Olympic facilities in Sochi
Back: the Olympic Stadium “Fischt” (it will be the opening and closing of the Olympic Games)

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