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Social media has been a game changer for industries around the world. Ski resorts are using social media to sell more lift tickets and get more heads in beds. Here is a look at ten resorts that have built up the largest followings on three of the most popular social media platforms. 

Top 10 Ski Resorts With The Largest Social Media Impact

1) Mammoth Mountain, CA

Facebook Likes: 157,525
Twitter Followers: 20,933
Instagram Followers: 50,837

2) Whistler Blackcomb, BC

Facebook Likes: 148,007
Twitter Followers: 49,628
Instagram Followers: 16,024

3) Vail Resort, CO

Facebook Likes: 140,735
Twitter Followers: 21,584
Instagram Followers: 10,109

4) Heavenly, CA

Facebook Likes: 136,530
Twitter Followers: 11,928
Instagram Followers: 2,874

5) Jackson Hole, WY

Facebook Likes: 115,314
Twitter Followers: 17,270
Instagram Followers: 12,511

6) Northstar, CA

Facebook Likes: 111,108
Twitter Followers: 13,001
Instagram Followers: 6,549

7) Breckenridge Ski Resort, CO

Facebook Likes: 105,326
Twitter Followers: 25,629
Instagram Followers: 12,114

8) Squaw Valley, CA

Facebook Likes: 87,221
Twitter Followers: 11,710
Instagram Followers: 17,481

9) Keystone Resort, CO

Facebook Likes: 82,727
Twitter Followers: 21,120
Instagram Followers: 9,332

10) Bear Mountain, CA

Facebook Likes: 61,085
Twitter Followers: 9,384
Instagram Followers: 15,842


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