Unofficial Report: Squaw Valley

Unofficial Report: Squaw Valley


Unofficial Report: Squaw Valley


Unofficial Report: Squaw Valley

Time: 2:50pm 

New Snow | Bottom: 0″ Top: 6″ 

Primary Surface Condition: Heavy Powder

Weather: Storming

Wind: Moderate with gusts up high 

Visibility: Low


The expectations for the skiing today were fairly low considering this morning there was only about an inch of very slushy snow on the valley floor. The upper mountain was socked in so we headed up to investigate.

The rain turned to snow at around 7800’. Visibility was very low with whiteout conditions. The 6” of snow that had fallen was very heavy (Sierra Cement). If you did not make it out skiing today don’t feel too bad. It was wet and soggy and the heavy snow was not skiing that well. Granted, we did not start making turns until around 1:30pm and by that time much of the snow had already been skied out. The few spots we did find off Shirley that had not been skied out were quite fun. This leads me to believe that if you got out first thing this morning the conditions could have been a lot of fun.

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