Cool Park City Superpipe Video... what went down at the US Grand Prix

Cool Park City Superpipe Video... what went down at the US Grand Prix


Cool Park City Superpipe Video... what went down at the US Grand Prix


This past weekend the best park and pipe skiers in the world headed to Park City, UT to compete in a Platinum level superpipe Grand Prix event. Platinum essentially means “Olympic Qualifier.” The event also showcased a Paul Mitchell Big Air Progression session.

Christian Allen getting rad at the top of the pipe

The Paul Mitchell Big Air was won by Gus Kenworthy with a double 14 tail, Alex Schlopy in second with a double 16 tail, and Joss Christensen with a double 12 japan.  Nicky Keefer cashed in with a G note with his rodeo 9 safety winning Best Air for the level of style Nicky is known for.

Looking down the pristine 22′ PC Superpipe

The event was in Park City for the superpipe however. With the Olympics debuting Superpipe and Slopestyle next year, the best superpipe skiers in the world were all here trying to be invited to the party. You had the Canadians Mike Riddle, Matt Margetts, and Simon D’artois.  The Wells family was representing with Jossi and his 17 year old brother Beau-James who qualified for finals for the first time. Frenchmen Kevin Rolland, Thomas Krief, and Benoit Valentin also qualified for finals.  Simon Dumont, Torin-Yater Wallace, David Wise, Tucker Perkins, and a 16 year old Crested Butte wiz kid Aaron Blunck.

Luke “Ocho” Allen with Angeli VanLaanen prior to her start

Each athlete had two runs to impress the judges and the competition was pretty insane. Standing in the start gate you see this competition is about pushing yourself, yet it’s also a huge get together of friends pulling for one another.  The start gate is an interesting place before any competition. Every athlete has their own individual way of getting into the zone. Here, it was Jossi Wells arm around his brother Beau-James seconds before he dropped in offering encouragement and advice. It was Matt Margetts trying to stoke out everyone in the start gate by stating he’d be bringing moon rocks back after his first hit (which he did with a gigantic Flat 5 Japan).  It was also Simon who is calm, collected and adjusting his music. They all are uniquely focused when the starter says “the pipe is yours” and they drop in.

Torin Yater-Wallace first hit out of the pipe. Stillshot – Drew Lederer

What went down that deserved props?

Torin Yater-Wallace’s runs. Both of them. Every hit. He’s wearing green chamo pants and it starts at 2:40

Beau-James cork 5 tweaked safety at the top. He has on a black jacket and beige pants, check the shot out at 2:07

Simon’s massive airs starting at 2:22, he’s wearing all red and rocking no poles due to two broken wrists.

Matt Margetts run starting at :21 going massive with the flat 5 japan





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