Ski Jump History Was Made This Weekend

Ski Jump History Was Made This Weekend


Ski Jump History Was Made This Weekend


Gregor Schlierenzauer rewrote the history books on Sunday by setting the record for most career World Cup ski jumping victories.

The 23-year-old Austrian beat the previous record tally of Matti Nykanen earlier on Sunday when he claimed his 47th triumph of his career. But then later in the day he made it 48 with another victory on the flying hill in Harrachov, the Czech Republic.

Schlierenzauer, who jumped 197.5 for his second win of the day, is the runaway overall leader and after 19 of 28 events he has 1200 points – 443 points clear of closest challenger Anders Bardal of Norway. Jan Matura gave the partisan crowd something to cheer about when the Czech landed a jump of 194.5 metres to garner 187.2 points and take the runners up spot in the second event of Sunday.

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