More Avalanche Deaths In The Alps

More Avalanche Deaths In The Alps


More Avalanche Deaths In The Alps


More deaths are being reported from the Alps where heavy snow and high winds have made for very unsafe conditions.

Yesterday in Verbier, a Swedish woman was caught in a slab avalanche 100m wide and 250m long. The woman inflated an ABS airbag but was still buried under 1.8m of snow. She was located by her fellow skiers and flown by helicopter to a hospital in Sion where she died from her injuries.

Another incident occurred in Tirol when a 48-year old Russian man became separated from the group he was skiing with in poor visibility and died under 2m of snow. It is believed he triggered the avalanche himself. He was wearing a transceiver.

And finally, in Tignes, France, a British man remains in critical condition after he was buried in an avalanche last week. The man was the only one not to be wearing a transceiver and is the only skier out of the party who was not rescue within minutes.


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