Superb Sun-Lit Powder at Whistler Today | Photo Tour

Superb Sun-Lit Powder at Whistler Today | Photo Tour


Superb Sun-Lit Powder at Whistler Today | Photo Tour


West Symphony Amphitheater today

Today started off a bit foggy and windy. Peak Chair and Harmony were closed until 9:45am. About 10am, the weather cleared up some and the visibility stayed good right up until 2:30pm when it started to sock in and snow lightly.

West Symphony Amphitheater tracks


  • 3” of new snow overnight
  • Good visibility with filtered sunlight most the day
  • Windy and cold up high
  • Upper mountain powder was dry, slippery, smokey, and sluffy

West Symphony Amphitheater fun zone


  • Most all of the upper mountain was stellar this morning
  • The Flute Bowls in Symphony may have shined brightest again as the Symphony Chair still hasn’t opened this season and the entire zone is dishing up boot deep pure backcountry powder
  • Khyber’s was also a bright spot. Khyber’s was better than it’s been all week with “glove” deep powder which allowed for high speed uncontrolled pillow skiing
  • West Symphony Amphitheater provided some good fun today as well with some airs and silky smooth turns
  • Harmony Bowl right under the chair was good today as well. The upper half of Harmony skied very well. The lower half was 3” of powder on moguls.
  • A-Line was faster today but there is one turn that now is rocky and sketchy, watch out for it

    “glove” deep snow in Khyber’s today

Khyber’s log jammin’


  • Still not bad today. The Christmas crowds aren’t full on, yet.
  • Whistler Gondola at 8:30am had an 5 minute line
  • Harmony had no line most the day except for around 11:30am when the there was a 5-7 minute line
  • No line on the Peak Chair from 1:30 on (not sure how it was before that)
  • Upper mountain lifts seemed to have very light lines all day

North Flute Bowl….untouched


  • It was a spectacular day.
  • Khyber’s and the Flute Bowls were boot-deep bliss. Khyber’s had tons of fresh pillows to pop off and enough snow to throw speed-check turns most anywhere.
  • The Flute Bowls were heli skiing quality.
  • Upper Harmony was soft and fun
  • A-Line was hilarious as always and a bit faster than yesterday with one rocky turn

Filtered sunlight over Khyber’s


whis snow stats

West Symphony Amphitheater put out today


whis forecast

Peak 2 Peak in filtered backlight


Harmony happiness at 9:00am


Blackcomb lookin’ good today


View from the bottom of North Flute Bowl


Birds continue to attack in Harmony Chair line


Peak Chair at 2:15pm


like sextuple drops? This thing does fill in and is do-able at higher snow…


This side of the dam is a sex-drop, too and is the more frequented


Peak Chair today at around 1:30pm


Khyber’s bliss


Soft and friendly in Khyber’s today


That filtered light was bizarre today


View from the flight out to Flute Bowl


at 3pm, the party begins…


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