Powder Mountain has been sold to a group of young entrepreneurs who successfully raised $40 million to purchase the resort. The group plans to use the resort and it’s 10,000 acres as a home for all future conferences and meetings.

Their website, summit.co, states that “Summit Eden, the permanent home of Summit, is a residential community designed with the vision of creating an epicenter of innovation in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Tucked on the southern side of Powder Mountain, in the town of Eden, Utah, it’s a new kind of neighborhood, where friends, family, and the leaders of today and tomorrow gather in an environment created to catalyze personal and collective growth.” The website goes on to say, “On the southern side of Powder Mountain, Summit will establish a sustainably designed residential community, called Summit Eden, which will become home base for the organization, the community, and its distinctive leadership and cultural events,”

“Instead of overpowering nature, we’re looking at how we can preserve an environment of open spaces, uncompromising vistas and year-round adventure. Our goal is to create a place that has a positive impact not just on the residents of Summit Eden and Ogden Valley, but the state of Utah and the world,” Bisnow said.


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