The Current State Of Squaw Valley

The Current State Of Squaw Valley


The Current State Of Squaw Valley


Squaw Valley opened today at 11am with the Funitel and Cable Car ferrying skiers and riders to the upper mountain. Up top Gold Coast and Shirley Lake were spinning accessing surprisingly good snow. It was clear that the rain level have fluctuated quite a bit during the storm but when it was all said and done the upper mountain picked up 42″ of much needed snow. All and all the skiing was fun and much softer then most people thought it would be.

Down low was a different story. The rain line looked to be around 7,500′ which meant the lower mountain lost more snow than gained as a result of all the precipitation. Things are so ugly down low that not even mountain run was open today and as a result all skiers and riders had to download on the Cable Car or Funitel.

Some More Images From Today

Lower Mountain

Upper Mountain

Skiers enjoying Shirley Bowl

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