Check out the lean green machine, the new (but same trusted and true design) Look Pivot 18 XXL ski binding Look Pivot 18 XXL Binding | Unofficial Gear Review | Unofficial Networks

Look Pivot 18 XXL Binding | Unofficial Gear Review

look pivot 18 ski binding

Look Pivot 18 XXL Binding | Unofficial Gear Review


Look Pivot 18 XXL Binding | Unofficial Gear Review


look pivot 18 xxl binding

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The Look Pivot 18 XXL has withstood the test of time and remains the most burly and resilient binding on the market.  With it’s pivot heel and fixed toe, these bindings are virtually indestructible…and because the heel pivots they are also among the more knee friendly bindings on the market.


  • DIN: 8-18
  • Brake Width: 115mm
  • Weight:  2495 g (5.5 lbs)
  • Heel: Pivot heel

Area of Expertise:

  • Hard charging across the whole mountain

Life Span:

  • Forever (they’re bullet proof)

So what exactly makes the Look Pivot 18 so bomber?  The primary cause is the lack of moving parts.  Most conventional bindings have a moveable wings in the toe, allowing for lateral release, and some incorporate even more moving parts to enable a vertical release.  With time and abuse the springs, hinges, and other hardware holding the binding together begins to stretch, distort and wear out creating frightening wobble in the binding.  The Pivot 18 avoids these issues by having a fixed heel with one pivot point and a heavy duty spring to prevent wear.  This design would place extra stress on the knee, but with the pivoting heel, you can twist out from both heel and the toe, which in turn actually reduces stress on the knee.

The Look Pivot 18 in action as Eric Bryant rides some spines and takes some splats:

Another nice feature of the Pivot 18 is the elasticity of the heel.  If you overload weight on the heel piece and begin to pull out of the binding, the binding offer 25 mm of elastic travel (the most on the market) before the ski pops up.  This helps reduce pre-releases and keep you locked into the binding.

The only complaint with the Look Pivot 18 is how finicky they can be to click in.  The dynamics of heel piece mandate that boot be virtually snow free.  Bindings like the Jester will allow you to shove your foot in with surprising amounts of snow on the bottom of your boot, but the Pivot 18 will not be that generous.  So be sure to clean your boots!

If you’re looking for a binding that will keep you locked in and last for years to come, don’t pass up the Look Pivot 18 XXL ski binding, you won’t be disappointed!

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