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Magic Mountain Vermont Lets YOU Cut Your Own Glades!

Magic Mountain Vermont Lets YOU Cut Your Own Glades!


Magic Mountain Vermont Lets YOU Cut Your Own Glades!


Magic Mountain Completes First Volunteer Day of the 2012/2013 Ski Season

Some interesting things are going down in Southern Vermont. Dee Dee Tomatoes and Andy Jameson fill us in on what all the buzz is about at Magic Mountain

Ever wish you could hike up your favorite mountain and cut your own private glade?  Magic Mountain located in Southern Vermont lets you do just that.  Skier owned and operated, Magic encourages their skiers and riders to come out and lend a hand.  On September 22nd, 40 members of the Magic community came out and helped trim glades, paint the lodge and help with various other projects.   If you’re interested in coming to see for yourself, Magic has two more volunteer days on Saturday, October 6, and Saturday, October 30.

Five reasons you should visit Magic this season.

1) Terrain: Magic is packed with steep, narrow, classic New England terrain.  While the hill is actually a phenomenal family mountain, it is best known for expert runs like Red Line, Goniff and Magician.  Don’t let the trail count fool you, Magic packs a lot of punch into 1,700 vertical feet.  There are many skiable acres in the woods awaiting your tracks. Both chairs are base to summit, no “pod” skiing.

2) Laid Back Attitude: Leave your Quattroporte at Stratton and take the Subaru.  Introduce yourself at the bar or just ask someone in line for a tour of the woods.  Don’t be shy, any of the regulars would be happy to show you around.  Magic’s skiers are proud of their stashes, and many participate in mountain sanctioned volunteer glade workdays each fall.

3) Fun is Actually Permitted: The bar serves shot skis, you can bring your dog, skin uphill, sled downhill, ski with fire at night and even ski where you want without getting in trouble (open access glade policy).   The lift moves slow enough that you can make a friend, get engaged or whatever else you deem necessary in between runs.

4) The Mountain is Close:  Magic Mountain is 1.5 hours from Albany, 2 hours from Boston and 4 hours from NYC.  Despite its proximity to large cities, you won’t feel like you’re in the City.   Magic doesn’t have a shopping village, multimillion dollar condos or private clubs.  Instead, they have the great outdoors, with the rocks, steeps and glades that would otherwise require another three hours in the car.

5) Skier Ownership: The people who ski Magic like the place enough that they bought it.  Enough said.

To learn more about this hidden gem and its story visit and  With continued snowmaking expansion it is rapidly becoming a reliable option on non-powder days.  Treat yourself to a new area this season and explore Magic.

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