There are a a lot of offensive Halloween costumes out there. Here is a look back at some truly inappropriate Halloween costumes of the past ( The 10 Most Inappropriate Halloween Costumes of All Time). But for 2012 we have a new list for you – The Most Offensive Halloween Costumes of 2012. 


2012 Most Offensive Halloween Costume

Japanese Hitler Costume

It might not be as offensive of a Halloween Costume if it was not from Japan.

“Dead Steve Jobs” Halloween Costume

Is it too soon? maybe. The biggest problem with this costume is the $650 you are going to need to drop for an iPad.

Free Mammogram Guy

Not sure if this is inappropriate or just awesome.

“N*ggas in Paris” Jay-Z or Kanye west Halloween Costume

I don’t even know what this means but it gets the people going!

“9/11” Halloween Costume

Nothing says FU America like going as the Twin Towers.

Dude dressed as the girl from the fifth element

It’s offensive because it kills ever other guys Milla Jovovich fantasy

“Jesus F$%cking Christ” Halloween Costume 2012

You better stay in and host your own Halloween party if you plan on going as this one.

And This…..

 Yes. The “inflatable King Dong Penis Costume in Black.

That was  a look at the most inappropriate halloween costumes you can wear to a Halloween Party this year.

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