Shane McConkey's Next Big Idea.

Shane McConkey's Next Big Idea.


Shane McConkey's Next Big Idea.


Photo by David LaPlante

Cinco de Mayo 2008 – I was sitting at  Le Chamios enjoying a cold beer with John Bossi and Shane McConkey. It was early afternoon on a weekday so the Chamy was fairly empty.  John, Shane and I sat talking about Mexican history as we fed beer to Pedro McConkey, Shane’s Dog.

As we sat in the California sun enjoying our libations, the discussion turned to Shane’s Pontoons and the future of skiing. I asked him “so Shane what’s next?” He smiled and said “shock absorbing ski bindings”.


Shane McConkey from MSP’s Focused

Shane McConkey’s segment from Matchstick Productions’ feature film, “Focused.” Shane was certainly one of the most influential skiers ever to have clicked into a pair of skis. His absence will forever be felt.

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