After a long weekend everyone deserves a nice pick me up to get them back into the swing of things. Thanks to ON3P Skis we have one. The promo video for their powder planks, the Pillowfights, is a nice piece of marketing, plus the buyer gets to choose the topsheet graphic which in this case is awesome.

“Winter is on its way, the pillowfight is ready.”

Freeskier Gear Review

“The second annual Pillowfight photo shoot, getting photos together for the topsheets of the 2013 Pillowfight.

Available in limited quantity, the Pillowfight is our ultimate deep powder jib ski. At 135mm underfoot, with generous elliptical tip & tail rocker, no conditions are too deep. Despite the dimensions, the flat section underfoot in combination with its 17m turning radius allows the Pillowfight to be agile enough to navigate groomers, traverses, and skier packed runouts to and from your favorite powder zones. Full-width carbon fiber and our thinnest core profile to date allow for decreased weight and a softer, powder-oriented flex. With each pair featuring a unique, one of a kind topsheet graced with the beautiful ladies from our PDX photoshoot (Best. Work. Day. Ever.), the Pillowfight is truly something special.

For 12/13, the Pillowfight gets a new 3-D base in the rockered sections of the ski for an unparalleled performance and maneuverability in powder (see photo below). Each pair is hand finished before leaving the factory.

Check out the Pillowfight here:




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