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The World's Smallest Bicycle

The World's Smallest Bicycle


The World's Smallest Bicycle


The World’s Smallest Bicycle

From Google Translate Russian > English 

And compact, and convenient, always at hand)))
who do not know what the bike is the definition)))
Bike (Old French. Vélocipède, from Lat. Vēlōx «fast” and pēs «foot”) – wheeled vehicle propelled by human muscle power via foot pedals or (rarely) a hand lever. The most common bicycle with two wheels, but there are also single-wheel and three-wheel bicycles and bicycles with lots of wheels.


This video came to us via Monday Morning Wake Up Call. 

If you don’t check out’s Monday Morning Wake Up Call your missing out. Henrik Lampert does a great job finding the best ski videos of the week as well as some of the funniest clips from around web.  Here are two more videos from this weeks Monday Morning Wake Up Call.


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