Greetings Unofficial Networks readers! I hope this post finds you all well, either basking in the glory of summer, or counting down the days till it starts snowing again. Even though it may seem like the countdown to snow season is many moons away it’s never to early to start planning for winter, and if you’re looking for a screaming deal on a pair of brand spanking new handmade skis then you best not waste anymore time and head right over to Praxis and check out their pre-order sale.

If you read the site regularly then you already know that for more than eight years Praxis Skis has been producing some of the best “microbrewed” skis available in the ski industry. Handcrafted on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe Praxis was started by owner and operator Keith O’Meara with a vision to make the best skis possible for individual skiers looking for the perfect tool to ski park, backcountry terrain and of course powder-a Praxis specialty.

It’s not easy for the small guys of ski craftsmanship to make it in a mass-produced industry driven environment, but year after year Praxis continues to stoke new users out and build planks that are more innovative and overall fun for the skier. I’ve written about  Praxis skis several times on the site and still feel they are some of the best skis you can buy on the market today, not to mention they’re one of the best local Tahoe businesses to support as well.

From Japan, to the Chugach and the Sierra, I skied with many Praxis skiers this past season all of whom continued to praise the work the boys over in Incline get done day in and day out. For this season Praxis is rolling out an even deeper quiver of sticks than they have in the past between their three primary series of touring, all mountain, and powder skis. There are 14 models to choose from (pictures in this post) with something for just about everyone. Keith is still at the helm ready to talk to you about  custom orders and anything else you’re looking for in the perfect pair of skis for you, and for 2013 Praxis is also offering their customers the ability to choose any graphic from their graphic library linked here. They are also offering a diversity in terms of what flex pattern the customer feels will suit them depending on what type of skiing s/he wants to get into the most. How about a hybrid carbon/fiberglass layup or even a woodgrain topsheet? If you can dream it chances are Praxis can and will make it for you.

For this year’s pre-order sale the deals are dropping hard. Right now you can jump on the Praxis 50/50 payment plan where you can pay half of your bill at the time of order, and the remainder in just 30 days.

Where else are you going to get a brand new pair of skis, handmade, from a small business with all of these options and features and still have a bill under $600 bucks? And if you use the coupon code: “UNOFFICIAL” you’ll also get an additional 10% off your order!

If you clicked on this post you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at the website, the Praxis blog, and all the sick skis Praxis is making available for 2013. You won’t regret it, and chances are if you do lock into a new pair for the 2012-2013 season you’ll be singing praises for Praxis just like every other skier who owns a pair, and be trying to talk your friends into jumping on the bandwagon as well. Enjoy the rest of your summers and I’ll hope catch you out on a skintrack in the fall as soon as Mother Nature provides!

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