Watch Chris Doney find his center of balance and shred some trials Chris Doney – Southern Comforts | Unofficial Networks

Chris Doney - Southern Comforts

Chris Doney - Southern Comforts


Chris Doney - Southern Comforts



With athletes confidence levels sky rocketing, and huge hucks becoming the norm, it’s nice to take a breather and look back to the roots of freeriding.  Watch in this video, as Chris Doney exhibits his uncanny comfort while riding bicycles.

Chris Doney once again shows his ability to ride smooth, flowing trials on natural hazards is unmatched in his new edit, Southern Comforts. Stay tuned to Amped for more videos with Chris later in the year.

In my opinion, trials is some of the most technically intensive riding out there…the balance necessary is unreal.  What do you think is the most difficult element to riding?

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