photo courtesy of Reuters
photo courtesy of Reuters

According to Finnish scientists have analyzed two bottles of beer that were originally pulled from an 1840’s shipwreck in 2010.  The wreck was located in the Baltic Sea not far from Aland, an autonomous part of Finland.

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The researchers said they found living bacteria in the bottles that helped them retain a pale golden color and could originally have had hints of rose, almond and cloves. They said it’s possible that a smoky flavor in beer was appreciated at the time (

“Based on the chemical analysis we made of the beer and with the help from a master brewer, it would be possible to try to make beer that would resemble it as much as possible,” researcher Annika Wilhelmson told Reuters.

Spices, coffee, fruit, and the world’s oldest bottle of champagne were also discovered.  The champagne was deemed drinkable and has since been auctioned off.

The cause of the wreck remains unknown but it was determined by marine archeologists that the ship had been renovated shortly before she sunk.



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