Perfect weather, a helicopter, great snow, and a good crew mad for an awesome day heli touring on the duffy. Heli Touring on the Duffy | A Perfect Spring Day | Unofficial Networks

Heli Touring on the Duffy | A Perfect Spring Day

Heli Touring on the Duffy | A Perfect Spring Day


Heli Touring on the Duffy | A Perfect Spring Day


It's gonna be a good day!

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-Words & Photos by Meg Haywood-Sullivan

Womp, womp, womp…. No, that’s not the sound of Bassnectar blaring from your roommate’s bedroom at 2am. It’s a helicopter. And it’s bringing you to an untracked expanse of white powdery goodness. To those who are lucky enough to experience this phenomenal activity, you know how exciting it is do be dropped on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere and get to shred down with all your buddies. Amazing, right? Yesterday we, a large group of American wanna-be Canadians, did this.

Eliel Hindert, looking at the endless mountains around Whistler

Thanks for the ride!

Andrew Narkewicz

Spring is in the air in the backcountry. We lucked out with bluebird sunny skies and some super fun, soft northfacing snow. Despite the fact that part of the crew took a wrong turn into some sketchy terrain and got detoured most of the afternoon, the rest of us had a blast soaking up the sun and last good snow of the season. Couldn’t imagine a better way to cap off the season, pink zinc makeup and all.

Life is good when you know Shaun Keller Gillis



Meg Haywood-Sullivan is a professional photographer who travels the world documenting snowboarding and surfing and the characters that define each lifestyle. A former professional burrito wrapper, model, and surf shop guru, she currently spends her time behind the lens chasing snow and waves.

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