MAMMOTH CONDITIONS VIDEO | How’s the weather at the beach these days? Word has it the “May-Gray” has come early this year. Well, up at Mammoth we really don’t have a Marine Layer to contend with. Temps are high, skies are BLUE, the snow’s slushy (in a good way), layers are scant (on bodies and the lower mountain) and all present for Mammoth’s Springfest 2012 were summarily entertained.

Here’s my post-weekend offering for a Conditions Report – some VIDEO and a handful of pics. Otherwise, what’s the skinny on conditions these days? I won’t beat around the bush… Warm temps may make for some comfortable, soft riding conditions but there’s no doubt that our snowpack is melting with a quickness.

I love spring time riding at Mammoth and current conditions have not disappointed. Yet given present temp/weather trends it would appear that this year our spring season may be cut short. My advice: get it while you can, you’ll be glad you did.

canyon lodge skiing snowboard spring closed for the season
Just another day at the beach.
skiing snowboarding springfest event pool party
Canyon Lodge Pond Skim - a good time, every time.
spring skiing snowboarding corn snow moguls
West Bowl zipper line is ready to put you in your place!


  • Even with a substantial portion of the Mountain now without lift service, there’s a lot of great riding out there.
  • Shed them layers and double down on the sun protection.
  • All groomed runs have outstanding corn snow.
  • A full-on party atmosphere was in effect this weekend. Very quiet out there now.
  • As always, the Pond Skim was a hit.
  • Great bump lines are taking shape.
  • Volcom PBRJ Championships Snowboard Rail Jam was on Saturday – always good for endless oooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs.
Chair 5 skiing snowboarding spring corn snow sunny blue sky
Mammoth, weathering the warmth.


  • That‘s a wrap for Canyon and Juniper base areas. Juniper limped it’s way to this closing date.
  • By mid-day there’s a fair number of sticky spots lurking out there. Regularly waxing your boards is a near must this time of the season.
  • Many lifts are now closed for the season. Trust me, you’ll make-out just fine without them.
  • Sticky spots aren’t the only thing to look out for – Thin and bare spots are sprouting up daily. Continue to relearn coverage on runs ‘cause you do not want to be caught off-guard by a one of these.
  • All-in-all the off-piste riding is sticky and heavy. The more people ride through a line the better the snow gets.
stump alley express skiing snowboarding spring corn snow
A sign of the times... Thin spot growing at the top of Chair 2
canyon lodge and lifts rollercoaster close april spring conditions
BIG bare spot by the top of Chair 4.
chair 15 spring thin coverage skiing snowboarding spring closed
Does this tell the story of Juniper Springs for Sunday? I'd say so.


  • This is a great time of year to lap Main and Forest Trail Parks.
  • Great time to improve you pipe riding skills.
  • Pretty much the earlier you get out the less beat-up take-offs and landings will be. Hey, that’s par for spring park riding.
  • Chair 4 and South Park are done for the season – it was in great shape right up ‘til the end.
South Park chair 4 closed for the season ski snowboard jumps jibs
So long South Park, it was fun while it lasted, even if you never had a half pipe
ski snowboard jumps rails jibs snow spring world famous
One last look at South Park for 2011/2012 season.
peanut butter and rail jam snowboard contest
Like to watch top snowboard talent try to out-duel each other on boxes and rails? You'll love the Volcom PBRJ Championships at Mammoth


  • New Snow: Yup, looks as though we’ll see some later this week.
  • Base: approx. 6’ and shrinking
  • Weather: Temps are high and clouds are building up bigger and bigger each afternoon (even more incentive to get out early). Precip. is forecasted for each day this week. We’ll probably see light afternoon rain the next couple days then hopefully it’ll be cool enough by Wed/Thurs to produce snow.
  • Conditions: Deep spring corn, slush, afternoon glop.
  • Lifts: Mid-week we’re now down to 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, G1, G2.
  • Runs: Upper mountain’s still in good shape. Canyon and Juniper are toast (not that you’d be headed there anyhow).

Bottom line: The spring riding is killer right now, even if only a fraction of Mammoth’s lifts are currently in operation. With warm temps you best get to it while you still can.

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