Chair 5 intermediate advanced skiing and snowboarding
High Five Express. Yes, this simple photo says a lot about today's conditions.

MAMMOTH CONDITIONS REPORT | Down in town the white stuff has been flying all day long yet with very little accumulation to actually show for it. Head up to the Mountain and you’ll discover a very different story.

Snow fell lightly all day at Mammoth with accumulation totals ranging from 4-7” by the close of operations at 4pm. With temps teetering around the mid 30s the snow was neither light pow nor heavy and wet. All things considered the snow that has fallen has done an excellent job of concealing the old frozen layer below.

And, forecasts continue to look promising for the next 48 hours. More snow tonight, a pause at some point tomorrow and then an even stronger hit tomorrow evening into Friday. All in all this weekend looks to be promising for those weekend warriors seeking another shot of winter-like shredding.

snow storm white out at chair 1 Broadway Express
View of the top from Chair 1. Don't see it? Exactly.


  • Snowed all day today. Daytime accumulation: 4-7”
  • Even with limited visibility and a healthy breeze most lifts remained open throughout the day, including Chairs 3, 5, 12, and 22.
  • Great quality snow. You could feel the old layer underneath yet this particular snow provided enough confidence and feel that you could comfortably “let ‘em run.”
  • Even with limited visibility above treeline the reset base was clean enough that you could ski/ride without an overbearing fear that you’d encounter a snowsnake.
  • Trees, groomers, off-piste… it was all good.
  • More snow is on it’s way!
Chair 1 Broadway Express and new snow powder skiing and snowboarding
Rush hour traffic on Broadway. Honestly I didn't think that there would be this many people on the entire mountain, let alone one run. Otherwise, yes, the Mountain was "dead" today.
Lincoln Mountain and Chair 23 on a storm day.
Looking down Avy Chute 2. Good snow up here, even deeper snow down in Avy 1.5.


  • By Mammoth standards there was a chilly bite to the air today. Come prepared and you should be able to go the distance.
  • Above treeline visibility could at times be an issue. The new snow was good enough though that you could ski by feel, if you allowed yourself to trust it.
  • The Top, the Backside and Chair 9 never opened. All things considered this was definitely for the best.
Chair 3 new powder snow from latest April storm
Heading up into the abyss on Chair 3. It was hard for me to believe it myself but the snow up here was great; the old firm layer was rather well covered.


  • There have been all sorts of little tweaks to nearly all the Mountain’s parks. Once the current string of storms passes we’ll get more in depth on this.
  • Prior to this storm the park riding had been very inviting.
  • Main is now up to 2 big booters – keep ‘em coming!
  • With poor visibility, inconsistent snow types and the occaisional gusts, today was not a great day for park riding.
radar storm imaging
Yes, this is looking good for California resorts.


  • New Snow: 4-7” on the Mountain by 4pm today.
  • Base: approx. 6’+
  • Weather: The snow looks to continue through Saturday with the heaviest accumulation expected Friday. Temps may rise back into the 50s as early as Monday.
  • Conditions: Powder, Packed-Powder, Graupel and a rather firm base that is becoming less and less noticeable.
  • Lifts: Top was closed today, as well as the Backside and Chair 9.
  • Runs: Even though the top was closed you were still permitted to venture just about wherever, i.e. off the back side of Chairs 1, 3 and 5.

Bottom line: Get the goods while you still can… We have a nice little spring storm a-brewing here. Yet, if our last 3 storms are any indication, spring-like conditions will reveal themselves in a hurry once this puff of winter passes.

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