West Coast Wednesday Report | The BC West Coast | Weather Forecast, Snow Conditions, Local Events

West Coast Wednesday Report | The BC West Coast | Weather Forecast, Snow Conditions, Local Events


West Coast Wednesday Report | The BC West Coast | Weather Forecast, Snow Conditions, Local Events



Welcome to the Second Edition of the West Coast Wednesday Report! This week in the report we discuss the current snow conditions on the Vancouver Locals and what to expect this coming weekend. We also discuss the weekend weather forecast for those getting ready for a weekend of riding and skiing. Finally we will outline a few industry events and other goings on in the lower half of BC.

Current Snow Conditions:

After a few weeks worth of heavy snow, here on the West Coast we are looking forward to lengthy spring skiing and riding. After a ton of snow last week, Mount Seymour reporting up to 150+ cm’s, there is still plenty of fresh snow to be had where you can find it. Those who were lucky enough to ski the past week likely experienced some fairly deep snow, maybe even a face-shot or two. As the storm is looking to pass, the snow fall has slowed down to a few cm’s a night on the Locals.

Here is what to expect today and tomorrow:

– Fresh snow and low temperatures = soft groomers with loose pow on the side runs

– Variable visibility with some clouds still rolling through the area

– A trace of fresh snow tomorrow (Thursday) 

– Possible hard layer beneath fresh snow tomorrow (Thursday)

What to expect this weekend:

– Harder pack in the mornings with possible soft scraped toppings

– Slushier afternoon snow due to sunny weather

– No Fresh snow – Spring Skiing Conditions! 

Should be looking something like this. (news1130.com)

Weather Forecast:

It’s looking to be an amazing weekend! With Blue skies already breaking out today this weekend should be straight bluebird. If you’re in Vancouver the weather should be looking like this:

– Sun, sun and more sun Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

– Temperatures hovering around the zero to three degree mark.

– Low to no winds.

– After Monday back to snow! 

The Weather Network showing straight sun!

Goings On This Week

This weekend is the weekend of Grouse Mountains Showdown Over The City. If you didn’t read about it in the WCWR last week, it is an invitational pro/am snowboard slopestyle competition which brings some of the best out to play. Friday is the qualifiers and rail jam portion of the competition and Saturday is the slopestyle day. This competition is known for it’s wild terrain park features and fun atmosphere. If you’re looking to spectate, The Boardroom board shop has 2 for one lift tickets on sale until Thursday. You can watch the competition and catch some laps for half price! 

The Stepdown from a few years back. Straight Gnarly!

The Lord Of The Rails, a snowboard jam style competition, is also going on this Saturday in the Pitt at Mount Seymour and is hosted by Matrix Progress and Coastal Riders. Seymour has kept up a good line of rail jams this year for those looking to get some experience at competition and have some fun. There is over $2000 in cash and prizes up for grabs and you don’t have to win it to get something, usually if you stick a good trick you’ll get some product thrown your way! Definitely and awesome place to go for those who aren’t at the Showdown but still want to get some good competition atmosphere in and maybe win some cash.

For all the skiers out there who are sick of all the snowboarders clogging the parks and making the lines busy, Sunday should be the right day to get in a few laps without the craziness of competitions. It’ll be super sunny all weekend so just get out and have some fun! 

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