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Ski jumping is one of those fairly obscure corners of the skiing world. The likes of you and I rarely see much footage from the sport, and when we do, it is usually of stomped world record jumps or winning highlights. It alway seemed like some bad crashes could occur on these jumps, but this video must be the worst of the worst.

Most people see this sport as risky and insane, but the truth is that ski jumpers think aerialists, mogul skiers, and extreme skiers are insane because our jumps (and therefore crashes)  involve falling from a much higher place. Ski jumpers tend to fly long distances, but rarely fall from the sky greater than 10-12 feet in the air. This video however, shows what happens when things go very wrong for ski jumpers. Now I know that these guys can eat sh*t and sometimes the crashes are truly gnarly. 

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