Another Week of Big Snows Coming for the Cascades | 4-6+ Feet Forecasted

Another Week of Big Snows Coming for the Cascades | 4-6+ Feet Forecasted


Another Week of Big Snows Coming for the Cascades | 4-6+ Feet Forecasted


The La Nina conditions have been doing their job by bringing the biggest snows in the lower 48 this season to the Pacific NW .  It hasn’t been as big as past years including last year, but still the biggest season totals and snowpacks are in Washington.  Those numbers will continue to increase this upcoming week as a non-stop train of storms will hit the Pacific NW.

The first system moves in on Friday and aims most of the moisture at the Northern half of Washington up near Mt. Baker.  Snow levels will start up near 4000 ft. before falling Friday night into Saturday below 3000 ft.  Snow amounts with this first system through Saturday look to be around 12-18 inches for Mt. Baker with amounts dropping off sharply to only a few inches further South down the Cascades.

Here is the snowfall forecast through Saturday afternoon.

The next storm is right on the heels of the first continuing the snow Saturday night through Sunday night.  By Monday morning we could see another 12-18 inches at Mt. Baker with 6-12 inches down to the Summit at Snoqualmie.  The snow will also push South into Oregon with this system bringing up to 2 feet for Mt. Hood and 6-12+ inches down to Mt. Bachelor.

Here is the snowfall forecast through Monday showing amounts of 2 feet in the tan shading.

The snow never really stops as the next even bigger storm moves in Monday night into Tuesday.  This storm could bring 1-2 feet down the lenght of the Cascades.  We are off the charts already with the first snowfall forecast map so let’s switch to the bigger map.  Here is the snowfall forecast through Tuesday night showing the 2-4+ feet that could have fallen by then.

That only gets us halfway through the week as the biggest storm may push in on Wednesday.  This one looks like it could have higher snow levels up around 4000 ft. to start before falling on Thursday.  This storm could bring 2-3 more feet where it falls as all snow.  Here is the total precipitation forecast through next Friday.  The light orange down the Cascade range is where enough precip for 4-6+ feet could accumulate over the next week.

The forecast models show a pattern in the long-range that could keep the storms coming starting with a couple of cold storms the weekend of the 17th.  Then more storms could follow the following week.  Winter is in full force here in March for the Pacific NW with no letup in sight.  For the readers in Tahoe you can see there is a decent amount of precip on the way for you as well so you won’t need to take the road trip North this week to get to the snow.  BA

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