The Line of the Week !! - Rocky & Bony - Let's Air It

The Line of the Week !! - Rocky & Bony - Let's Air It


The Line of the Week !! - Rocky & Bony - Let's Air It


Josh Anderson airs a rock pile off Art's Knob at Alpine Meadows

The Line of the Week
Alpine Meadows, California

Rocky & Bony – Let’s Air It

You can look at a pile of rocks, a scree field or a cliff in the summer only to be skiing straight over it on fresh pow later that winter. When looking at a ski line in summer it can be perplexing how winter could unleash enough snow to make it skiable. Then you take winter 2012… As the author of the Line of the Week I realized that it was time to get creative.

I have been asking around a lot lately to see who is down to get after it. It has been a touch difficult to find takers as the snow is just not that deep. People seem to being skiing a bit reserved (smart). Luckily for the “Line of the Week” some people need the rush. Skiing groomers and low angle pow are just not enough for everybody.

A call came in and I met up with Squaw ripper’s Josh Anderson and Ben Paciotti at Alpine the other day. The talk was building a kicker and shooting a bit. That plan was quickly axed as the conditions were not right. We skied a couple laps. After taking out a cute couple getting off Summit Chair ( I went right they went left) we headed toward Keyhole. The clouds had just moved in and Josh mentioned a fun line he’d been skiing off Art’s Knob.

At the top of the Knob I was quickly reminded how different the mountain looked this year. Art’s Knob was a jumble of rocks. As I peered over the edge I wondered how Josh even decided to ski it. I worked my way around to set up a shot. Ben dropped in first and skied a billy-goat line into a straight-line down the Knob. He had showed me the line Josh intended to ski which was a straight-line from the top, through the rocks and off a small lip clearing 20+ feet of horizontal rocks and choss below.

Ben Paciotti navigates through the rocks at Alpine Meadows before the air.

Before Josh dropped in I noticed a couple rocks protruding in the landing. I yelled up to him to let him know. His response was something like, “Not concerned, I’m landing way past that“. The clouds were flying past as he dropped in. I was below the top straight-line so all I could do was listen. I could hear a rumble get louder and louder and then a “wzshhhhh“.  I snapped a frame and then watched Josh rip like a bullet over my head. He stuck the landing and we went and grabbed a beer.

“It’s been a long, painful winter in Tahoe, punctuated with the loss of some pretty amazing and influential people in the ski world. I personally took myself out for pretty much all of January, and the consolation that “You’re not missing much” wasn’t really that consoling. So when some thin but pretty damn awesome pow showed up last week, there was a little pent up energy flowing around Squaw. Just ask Govy; that **** was crazy. I personally just saw this nice floater on Art’s Knob at Alpine, and on seeing Mr. Salm getting off of Summit, went and got a little excited and made it happen. It felt good.” – Josh Anderson

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