A day heli skiing on the chutes off Goat ridge overlooking Squamish. Heli Skiing on Goat Ridge | Squamish, BC | Unofficial Networks

Heli Skiing on Goat Ridge | Squamish, BC

Heli Skiing on Goat Ridge | Squamish, BC


Heli Skiing on Goat Ridge | Squamish, BC


When most think of heli skiing they imagine perfect snow and blue sky. But that’s not always the case, sometimes you get one or none of the two part equation.


During our last helicopter skiing adventure we were fortunate to have half the equation, the blue sky part. Unlucky for us the week’s temperatures had been extremely high and it hadn’t snowed for a while. In search of some ridable terrain we stuck to the most North of North aspects in hopes of good snow.

Goat Ridge

Charlie, I think we drop here?

Where there wasn’t Avi derbies or huge cornice chucks the snow was ridable. But in the pencil shaped chutes we chose to explore the snow was far from okay. The middle was blue ice with the frequent cornice brick larger than my upper body.  The sides of the chute had been attacked with the day and night melt freeze pattern. Needless to say holding an edge was hard and getting bucked off your downhill ski was frequent.

Charlie Cohn, Goat Ridge

Charlie Cohn

But overall it was an awesome day. I mean just taking a helicopter ride around Squamish is bad ass, throw in some chutes and mix with a zone not many people shred, ski for an hour in 60 degree heat and you’ve got a delicious day!

Temperature reading

Temperature reading at 1PM in Squamish.

Thanks Shaun for an awesome time!

Shaun and pilot

Shaun Keller Gillis


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