Top 5 Customer Rated Skis 2012 []

Top 5 Customer Rated Skis 2012 []


Top 5 Customer Rated Skis 2012 []


1. Atomic Bent Chetler

Review By NW Yeti
from Alpental, WA
I was a bit skeptical when I heard about these because they were so hyped up. After my first day skiing on them I am totally sold. I got the longer 193cm’s and they ski with the stability of a longer ski but feel super nimble. I can turn on a dime and they devoured all conditions on a pretty variable NORTHWEST CRUD kind of day, some dust on crust, chunky stuff in the shade, and smooth butter where the sun was making a direct hit.

I’ve been skiing the first generation pontoons for years now and still would choose those on a deep powder day but I know have a new choice for the other 80% of the time. I felt way confident because they are so stable and responsive. LOVE ‘EM!

2. Line Skis Mr Pollard’s Opus

Review By kkon
from Winter Park, CO

Awesome all around ski. Perfect in powder and carves really hard on groomers. Flies through crud like it’s not even there.

Not too heavy for their size and bases can take a beating with only minor scratches.

3. Armada JJ

Review By Scary
from Taos, NM

I bought the JJs untried but after careful review of ratings and comments. The best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been a Mantra guy for the last five years and my most recent pair are now collecting dust in my locker. I live and ski in Taos, NM. They perform incredibly well in hard and soft bumps, groomers and powder. The quickest and easiest turning skis I’ve ever tried. Finally got a foot of fresh last week and I’ve never experienced pure flotation and responsiveness that these skis provided.

4. Salomon Rocker2

Review By Will
from Seattle, WA

I can’t say enough good things about this ski. For skiing any kind of powder/crud they are amazing. They ‘pivot’ well under foot and the low swing weight (from the lighter weight tip/tail) allow you to make quick turns when you’re in a tight spot. They feel a little like the pre-2012 Pontoon in this regard, but they don’t have the narrow tail so you don’t end up in the back seat. They float really well and are overall a very fun, predictable ski.

I highly recommend you check out the Mike Douglas video (under the product image) as he does a great job of explaining what Salomon was setting out to accomplish with this ski. From my experience, I’d say they nailed it!

5. ON3P Caylor

Review By Big [*]
from PDX

I skied the Caylor most days last year. La Nina conditions made it almost a daily driver. Really intuative ski. The only thing that is surprising is how well a 120mm ski can rip groomers with no tip flap. If there is ANY fresh I will grab the Caylor. Charges well in cruddy conditions.


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