Cold Returns to the Northeast But Where's the Big Snow?

Cold Returns to the Northeast But Where's the Big Snow?


Cold Returns to the Northeast But Where's the Big Snow?


After some mild weather on Monday an Arctic front has begun to push through the Northeast today.  We got a little rain last week and then some light snows as the colder air moved back in.  Stowe picked up another 10 inches in the past week bringing the snow totals up the 124 inches for the season.  It’s not a secret that there has been a lack of big storms this season so far, but 124 inches coming a few inches at a time is more snow than some of the resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Tahoe. 

 The big story this week will be the return of the cold air.  After hitting a record high of 50 in Burlington yesterday the temperatures may not break out of the single digits in the mountains of VT, NH, & ME by Saturday.  Unfortunately there won’t be much snow associated with the shots of Arctic air that will be coming down over the weekend.  There is a chance of some light snow on Friday, Sunday, and again next Tuesday as fronts move through out of Canada

 Here is the total precip forecast from the GFS through next Tuesday.  Not much more than a quarter inch of liquid across the Northeast so maybe a few inches on the mountains Friday through Tuesday.  Maybe a few extra inches for the Northwest flow favored areas of Northern NY and Northern VT.

Beyond a week out the models have bee very unreliable this season. Looking at the general trend we may see a deep trough over Central and Eastern half of the country with the ridge in the West backing off the coast. That would bring the storms back into the Pacific NW then down through the Rockies. From there depending on how deep the trough is and the exact position they will try to pull in some gulf moisture and head Northeast.

10 days out the forecast will change but if we get that kind of a pattern it will give us better chances of seeing a storm come up the coast with big snows.  Here is the GFS for next Thursday.

So there will be cold with some more snow by the inch this week and hopefully by next Tuesday’s post we are talking about something bigger. BA

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