World's Largest Snow Blower

World's Largest Snow Blower


World's Largest Snow Blower


Arthur Sicard (1876-1946) is generally credited as the inventor of the first practical snow blower in 1925. Sicard completed his first prototype, based on a concept he described in 1894. 85 years later, this 2000HP monster snow blower from Norway is touted as the largest and most powerful snow blower anywhere in the world. It has the capacity to clear more than 10,000 tons of snow per hour. That a lot of snow!

Øveraasen has faced great challenges in developing a range of snowblowers that can withstand extreme conditions including exceedingly heavy snowfalls and hurricane-strength winds. For more than 40 years, R&D has been focused on detachable snowblowers for use on different-sized wheel loaders. Today Øveraasen can offer snowblowers and equipment with capacities of up to 12.000 tonnes/hour.

For use at airports where the demands for speed and capacity are great, Øveraasen has developed high-speed, high-capacity units, including the world’s largest wheeled snowblower.

For specialised tasks such as opening mountain roads closed off by winter snow, Øveraasen delivers tracked snowblowers capable of working down through the snow layer by layer.

For snowclearing of railways, Øveraasen offers a selection of equipment, including the world’s largest snowblower with installed engine power of more than 2.500 hp.

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