Ski and snowboard terrain parks of Mammoth Unbound

Mammoth claims to have 8 parks up and running. The reality? They do. There are more jumps and jibs strewn across the mountain right now than most would have ever imagined possible (especially considering the slow start). And, by my calculations, there’s a lot more to come.

One of the most recent additions to the endless arsenal of Mammoth Unbound Terrain Parks is Jibs Galore. This run, with a nice assortment of medium-advance level jibs, is situated rider’s left of South Park proper. Today Matt Guntert put his skills on display so that we might take a video tour of the new set-up.

With Jibs Galore back in the mix you know the season is starting to find it’s stride. With great coverage all over the mountain and a bevy of park features to play on, things sure are looking up these days.

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