espn sports science
Going Geek with skiing, snowboarding, snow and speed.

Ski-tech geeks eat your heart out! ESPN’s Sport Science Team gives us the low-down on how changes in weather will effect snow conditions and ultimately speed and performance when skiing or snowboarding.

Whether competing for Gold in Big Air at the X Games, racing for a podium spot on the World Cup in a Downhill or fighting for bragging rights with your buddies at your home mountain, speed is everything.

Ever notice how throughout a day of riding your speed is continually effected as the conditions change? The ESPN Sport Science crew provides us with some simple yet techy answers.

espn sports science
Going Geek with skiing, snowboarding, snow and speed.

So soak up the knowledge and you will be armored with the data to impress your chair lift mates or that cute girl at the bar. Drop words like hydroplane effect, coefficient of friction, and adhesion and you’ll have ‘em thinking, “look at the big brain on Brad!” (or, more likely, what a dweeb).

ski tech drawing

Either way, it does give new meaning to waxing them boards and why different waxes excel in different conditions. So keep bringing your favorite ski-tech them brews and you’ll  be ready to challenge your bros and the coefficient of friction.

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