The Unofficial Pick from IFSA - Nash Grimm

The Unofficial Pick from IFSA - Nash Grimm


The Unofficial Pick from IFSA - Nash Grimm


We are pleased to announce Nash Grimm as our second  “The Unofficial Pick” for 2012.  Nash will be competing this week at The North Face Canadian Open Freeskiing Championship at Red Mountain.  Every Monday from January to April,  IFSA and Unofficial Networks will feature an athlete, freeride program, or coach who earns their mark in the competition sport of big mountain freeskiing.

Athlete Name: Nash Grimm

Nickname: FT (First Tracks)

Freeride Program & Head Coach:  Crystal Mountain, WA – Northwest Freeride Team, Wayne Grevey

Nash Grimm tree jump

J.D. Thompson – Northwest Freeride Coach  “If I had to sum Nash up with one sentence: Hard work and dedication pays off.  I have watched this kid compete, taking lines that only the adults would even think about. Not only skiing sick lines but stomping the landings and controling his speed  Lining up the next hit and pulling off a huge 360.  Nash is always in a great mood and as a team captain it shows when all the kids get on the lift with a smile and leave the mountain with a smile.  It’s always nice to see the ones you coach, growing up and then you end up following them down the hill.”


Years skiing: 14

Highlights: Cover shot in 2011/2012 in Ski Washington Magazine and Team Captain for Northwest Freeride Team

Favorite Skier: Toss up between Kaj Zakrisson and Ian McIntosh

Favorite Run: If I told you I’d have to kill ya

What do you eat for breakfast? Wheaties

What would you buy for $50?  Gas to get to the mountains

What’s your gear?  Whitedot Skis, Giro helmet, Under Armour

Other hobbies? Mountain biking and gym

Pet Peeve? When people say “me” instead of “I”

Any scars?  Scar from my mountain bike chain on my knee, it looks like I had knee surgery

Goals for 2012:  I achieve what I believe.

Who do you want to high five?  Anyone & everyone that is as excited to be out skiing as I am

Nash Grimm sending it

Nash Grimm pow skiing

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