park riding at unbound main

One man, one park, one hour… What to do with the rest of the day? How about try one of Mammoth’s other terrain parks, perhaps take a few laps in the Super Pipe. And to think too, a few features in Main Park were not represented here.

Matt Guntert will attest, the Unbound Park Crew has miraculously managed to keep pace with seasons past (you know, the ones that have snow). And we all best count our lucky stars because temps are holding just low enough that the Mountain should be able to continue to make snow through the week.

Man, all this jibbing has been a lot of fun but I think I can speak for everyone when I say, “we are really going to appreciate real-deal snow, whenever we see it again.”

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2 replies on “Unofficial Mammoth Park Update | Little Gritty Ditty | January 4th 2012”