Unofficial Beer | Bonfire Brewing Co.'s TEBREW: The Sunday Sipper

Unofficial Beer | Bonfire Brewing Co.'s TEBREW: The Sunday Sipper


Unofficial Beer | Bonfire Brewing Co.'s TEBREW: The Sunday Sipper


Bonfire Brewing Co. in Eagle, CO. will be serving Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper starting at 2pm this Sunday in recognition of this week’s highly anticipated Patriots-Broncos game. Tebrew was actually an unnamed beer up until last weekend when the brewing staff at Bonfire finally came up with a name after watching Tim Tebow’s most dramatic come from behind win thus far. Jesus.

(image courtesy of Bonfire Brewing Co.)

Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper is described as an American barleywine ale (strong, highly hopped, and aged for a long time) that was originally brewed back on October 6th in anticipation for the Vail Big Beers Festival coming up in January. It has been fermenting and aging since.  “On Sunday December 11th, we gathered ’round the tap room to sample the beer and watch the Broncos game.  Solidly warm in our bellies after one or two, the name ideas began to flow.  As the beers emptied, the minutes in the Broncos game waned, and a certain quarterback had launched another miraculous comeback.  When the last three points registered on the scoreboard, our Ale Ambassador called out, with his arms spread wide….”TEBREW.”  The Bonfire Barleywine had a name” says the Bonfire web site.

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Bonfire has only 150 gallons of the stuff and they won’t package or ship it so if you really want it you have to go to the brewery’s tap room, “a silly happy place with anywhere from three to seven beers on tap at any given time, a bomber of a shuffleboard table, foosball, darts, TV, and usually, a dog” in Eagle on Sunday.  They ARE saving 10 gallons worth for the Vail Big Beers Fest though so maybe you can try and get some there…if you’re that into overrated, overhyped quarterbacks.  


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