Lucas Debari on everything Mt. Baker

Lucas Debari on everything Mt. Baker


Lucas Debari on everything Mt. Baker


Lucas Debari on everything Mt. Baker –  Coming from the man himself, local shredder and pro snowboarder Lucas Debari talks about Mt. Baker, the in’s and out’s of his home mountain.  I love hearing about all the reasons why I love and live in Bellingham and ride Mt. Baker.

“Lines unskied inbounds” / snowpack analysis / NO shark-fins / SKIERS comeback / LOCAL profile. 

Hearing Lucas talk about Baker and how he came to be a snowboarder, having his mom buy a snowboard from TEX the local shredder, and the beginnings of the legend that is LUCAS Debari.

Dan Donnelly, Tex Davenport, Craig Kelly.  These were the role models for Lucas.  Not to mention Dave Summers, and Temple Cummings Lucas gives back and retorts on who has driven him to rail fast high speed pow turns, that only Mt. Baker serves up.


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