We do…sort of

It seems to be a pretty rough start all around so far, Alps, Northeast, Jackson, Montana, Cali and even Utah.  All you La Nina strokers are starting to sweat it a bit now eh?  I guess Baker and Whistler did all right for a bit there, but now its looking pretty damn crunchy up that way.   California is looking frightening, sorry guys.  Any reports from the great white north?  How’s AK looking?  Who’s got the best snow?  Everyone gives us a hard time, (especially in a La Nina year) but I’m pulling for the San Juans based on a Deep Silverton Opening and then 10″ more following.  Throw your photo/video evidence in the comments section and I’ll post it up.  It may be one of those winters- just ski it if you got it.  Play hookey, move away, stop dating, just do what you have to do to get pow turns.

Jared Amongst Some San Juan Pills Last Winter

Thanks for the photo BFisch!  Wolfie looks DEEP

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