Fall is a beautiful time of the year in Whistler. The leaves are changing color, and of course the snow line is getting closer and closer Remembering Fall in Whistler, B.C. | Photos | Unofficial Networks

Remembering Fall in Whistler, B.C. | Photos

Remembering Fall in Whistler, B.C. | Photos


Remembering Fall in Whistler, B.C. | Photos


Remember Fall? I do… The last few days in October were filled with beautiful weather.  When the rain does stop and the sun comes out October is beautiful.Although the mountain is closed there are still tons of great trails to mountain bike on so there really isn’t a shortage of stuff to do… when its not raining.

Normally the water in Lost Lake is never this still.

The best part of fall is getting to see the snow line slowly creep down the mountain towards the village.

Looking at the River Of Golden Dreams with Whistler Mountain in the background is not a bad way to spend the afternoon.

The water in the river is way slower this time of year, and also way clearer then in summer.  The down side is it is pretty much freezing so floating down it really isn’t an option.

Our fall adventure took us to Green Lake.  You can just make out Blackcomb in the background, this has to be one of the best view points in Whistler.

We were looking after this little pug puppy for a week, although he was a pain in the bum 90% of time, he definitely knows how to pose for pictures, I’m pretty sure this is as bad a$$ as a pug can possibly look.

For this picture we had to  stop along the Valley Trail on the way to Rainbow park.  I was stoked to see all the different colors that fall brought and the bit of snow on Blackcomb in the background.

Whistler looked twice as good with the reflection.

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