This interesting Mount Baker love story about two pro skiers, Molly Baker & Zack Giffin, has been selected by the Banff Mountain Film Festival as a finalist in their Mountain Film Competition.

“Downhill Affair” is essentially a revealing look into intricacies of a snow-centric mountain relationship.  Gruff mountain attitude (I’m tougher than you!), relationship pitfalls, love’s rewards and how the persons involved try to make sense of it are all displayed in this 13 minute film.

“Is it my fault that nobody’s gonna come out here and build a jump with me ’cause I wanna build a jump that’s a little too big?  No.  This is just me showing how you actually can do something on your own as long as you’re dedicated enough and you’re not a f%$king cry baby.” – Zack Giffin in “Downhill Affair”

Full Movie below:

This will be Molly’s second time being in a film at Banff (her first was in 2006 in “Hustle & Snow” that was about skiing Tahoe).

What do you guys think about this Mount Baker romance flick?

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