Whelp, it’s official.  Tahoe is crazy.  And the weather even more so.  Only in Tahoe can you go from hanging out and swimming in one of the most gorgeous lakes around on a Sunday, only to ski over a foot and a half of pow on Thursday!!  That’s right, winter is back in full force for the moment (as you no doubt have already read)  and conveniently, skiing is still fun!! Check out the shenanigans from early this morning off of Donner Ski Ranch… low angle pow never felt so good!

Snow in Truckee!!
That's around abouts of 3 1/4" in Truckee!

After three full months without a flake in the sky, winter has unleashed some of her glorious frozen precipitation.  While snow accumulations in town were certainly less than stellar, as soon as you got up high it was quite remarkable the amount snow on the ground. With almost a foot and half of wet pasty snow, you weren’t even hitting the rocks too hard!!

Hard to believe this was Saturday...Hard to believe this was Saturday… obligatory leg shot

Being Tahoe though, it would come as no surprise if we are back out on the lake by Monday, hanging out absorbing some of the sun’s fine rays.  But until then, Happy Winter!!

Trees...with snow in them?!?!
Trees...with snow in them?!?!

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