After all the hoopla leading up to Burning Man this year we’re awfully curious around here…how was it? Did it matter that it sold out? Did that not even matter at all? Same old thing? Greatest week of your life? Come on, we need some dirt on the 2011 Playa happenings.

The dusty burners and their dusty vehicles have been rolling into Tahoe since the festival ended. It seems like Tahoe is probably one of the better places to “decompress” from the burn, and sometimes we even have a few burners camped out around the lake for a several days on end.

Our man Ryan Salm was there to capture part of the action, he got some amazing photos, and it sure looks like he had a good time.

What about the rest of you? Some of you has to have something worthy to share to make those of us who didn’t  go jealous.

Whatta ya got?


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