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Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill that would have required humans under 18 years of age to wear helmets at California ski resorts.

I think that the Govie was seeing things the way a lot of us Californian’s do when he said:

“not every human problem deserves a law.”

helmet saves brainBrain hitting something hard.  Brain in helmet hitting something hard.

I thought the bill was just another attempt of the government to control every goddamn aspect of our lives. A lotta other humans thought it a good way to protect kids against their parents.  So, where do you think this veto leave us?

skeleton in helmet

As we talked about in a previous post about the CA Helmet Law, there would have been no feasible way to enforce this law.  Especially with a measly $25 fine.  It would have been a ridiculous waste of everyones time and a money loser for the state.  A state, mind you, that is only 375 Billion Dollars in debt…

california debtThese numbers are moving at an alarming rate…but, in the right direction, the GDP is going up & the debt is going down.  Go to this website to see it move:

The helmet bill was SB105 written by Senator Leland Yee, a democrat from San Francisco.  Leland has “statistics” that show that 1/2 of the reported ski resort deaths are due to head injuries.

crushed skullWanna look like this guy?   photo:

The Governator vetoed a very similar bill to this one last year.

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