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Shroomfest 2011 Parade Recap

Shroomfest 2011 Parade Recap

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Shroomfest 2011 Parade Recap


It was one of the trippier afternoons in town yesterday with all the shroomheads uniting for a spectacular display of shroom appreciation on Main Street.  There was a shroom truck being pushed by a bunch of shroomers, a wizard on a moped, indians, warlocks and hippies everywhere.  The parade only lasted ten minutes but I’m sure it felt like hours.  It was pretty cool to see how into shrooms these folks are and to see just how wild the human spirit can get with enough psilocybin.  Sorry about the poor photos, it was a little foggy down there…


Troop Carrier

Who Doesn’t Like Em?

Bite Me!

Obligatory Hoola-hooper

A Monster Following a Tee-pee

A Family of Wizards

Will Work for Hyndunum and Creepy Couple

Didn’t Really Get the Spider Web Thing


Shroom Jellyfish with Shrooming Dog

Family of Four Being Safe

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