Santa Tere (or Santa Teracita, Santa Teresa, Max Face, depending on who you ask) is some of the best lift-to-car accessed terrain in the world. Located off the south side of El Colorado, Santa Terresa offers about 2,000’ of cliffs, pow fields, and couloirs. The run terminates at the access road to Valle Nevado. From there, you can hitch up to Valle Nevado or back down to El Colorado/Ferrellones. Note that if you hitch up to Valle Nevado, you need a separate lift ticket as your El Colorado lift ticket wont do you any good. Also, the direction that you hitch depends on the time of day- in the morning your chances of finding somebody going down toward Ferrellones is less likely, and vice versa in the afternoon.


Alternatively, if you have a car (or access to one) you can shuttle it. Obviously this is a bit more efficient than Chilean public transportation (hitching).

Whether or not it is legal to ride Santa Terresa is a bit of a grey area. Yes, people have gotten tickets there (I’m not exactly sure what the charge is), but people largely do it without incident. Like any backcountry zone, you should be experienced with managing that type of terrain/situation. The road and proximity to other resorts gives a false sense of security- avalanches are common in the area and there’s a plethora of unmarked obstacles.

Santa Terre from Valle Nevado

However, if you’re cautious and well prepared it can be one of the most rewarding runs around the Santiago area, and in South America in general.

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