Mountain in Las Lenas
Um, yea that is blue sky

That’s right, things are about to pop and go off big in Las Lenas, Argentina.  After 72 hours of continuous snowfall the mountain showed off it’s glorious head for the first time in a while. And: No Wind!  That’s right, mucho nieve sin viento.  Needless to say things are smooth, spined up, and filled in.  After a very variable comp with less than ideal conditions things have finally come full circle.

A look up the mountain, she’s lookin’ buffed!

The forecast is looking promising for the next few days.  Sunshine and low temps are in order for the weekend, and it looks like it could be back to free refills in Lenas starting Monday night. Winter has decided to strike with a vengeance down in South America, with Arpa getting too much snow, Bariloche being blower yesterday, and Lenas about to pop manana.  Stay tuned for more happy fun pow time!

Las Lenas Mountain
One last look at that glorious mountain!

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