Big Backflips, huge 360’s, small backflips, backflips to the head… Getting a break from 7 days of rain and snow in the upper elevations meant one thing: it’s time to go skiing. The pow in Laguna was a bit on the wind pressed side as always and the light was less than ideal, but that certainly did not prevent from leaving the ground.  And with Del Bosque remaining closed for the first half of the day, our only competition for Laguna laps was…no one.

Rocke Inclinada looking all time
Roca Inclinada looking ripe for the taking

A brief clearing from the top of Laguna revealed some very interesting beta: Roca Inclinada and the surrounding cliffs have filled in like never before. Evidently wet pasty snow works the same miracles in South America as it does in California.  Hopefully a tour will yield some new lines, we’ve never seen things filled in to this degree before.

Sun poking through from the top of Catedral
Sun poking through from the top of Laguna

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