There’s been a lot of speculation about what the conditions are like in the resorts around Santiago (La Parva, El Colorado, Valle Nevado). I arrived yesterday and  schussed around La Parva today and

These people are on mono boards, which I thought was pretty rad

it was one of the best days I’ve ever had in Chile. Hands down, it was better than any day I had last year. That said, coverage isn’t super great and you have to tread lightly at first. Sticking to gullies, couloirs and naturally wind-loaded areas it’s good, and deep. The storm from earlier this week deposited up to a foot and a half in places, but generally about 8″-12″ in most locations. As I said, the base is still building and there’s a lot of sharks out there, but there’s really, really amazing snow out there- just seek it out carefully. With another storm coming this weekend (with up to half a meter forecasted), it should only get better. Here’s a couple shots from today- sorry, they’re frame grabs from video I shot so there a bit ghetto. Actual video is coming soon.

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