skier doing a backflip

After being shut down due to wintery weather yesterday, Catedral reopened it’s doors today and the masses were out in force to enjoy some of mother natures white fluffy gift to the world. The skiing was perty fantastic throughout the resort, and snow line is beginning to push a bit lower.  You can even ski all the way to the base!*  The resort saw 8-12″ of fresh, while Nubes was wind packed as usual, and Laguna was the big snowfall total winner with over two feet of new snow.

*”skiing to the base” may require some bushwhacking,
gravel gropling, sand sliding, and other such shenanigans


Top of Catedral
View from the top, not half bad

Th weather was classic Patagonia, cycling from blue bird to graybird to snaining to puking snow about every 15 minutes. The forecast for the next few days is looking good with partly cloudy skies and low temps, but only time will tell what mother nature deals us.  Hopefully, the slight clearing will allow for ventures a bit farther beyond the resort boundary.

Artistic Rocks
"Artistic" Rocks out the bottom of Laguna

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