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Last week Mount Hood held perhaps the most provocative golf invitational known to skiers and snowboarders. Why does it matter to the snow slider? Because it was a golf and ski/snowboard match that showcased talents from the snow world, who also happened to play a mean game of golf.

POW Gloves Promotions Director John Kaiser told the press, “I have always wanted to create an event like this to get riders out of their usual element, have some fun and make new connections outside of their typical circle.”

Basically the competition asked skiers and riders to play 9 holes of golf, and 9 holes of jib. The holes of jib were held at Timberline where the first 8 holes asked skiers and riders to stomp a 180, 360, 540, and 720, initiating the air both clockwise and counterclockwise. Par for each hole was set at 4, and for every attempt skiers and riders could count one stroke. The final hole asked them to land a 900.

Ike Smith came away as champion, reportedly due to his mastery of hole seven on the golf side of things, which was named (and designed to be played) in honor of revered golfer, Happy Gilmore. He finished 5 over par, and was crowned the champion of the day of both greens and slush.

Sounds like a good time. Nice job John, and congrats Ike!

So the major question here for Tahoeites: Would this not be a blast at Squaw? A jib front 9 in “our park” (might need to get on the crew to make sure things are, well, up to par) with a boozy back 9 at Squaw Creek. Sounds like a great social gathering, maybe even a solid fundraiser for SkiDUCK, the Shane McConkey Foundation, and/or High Fives. Whatta Ya Think? Who wants to take the lead on organizing this for next spring/summer?

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